Inspired by the owner’s passion to create an ideal residence, Baansuwanburi is situated in a location where it is neither unreachable by the city nor so close it is bothered by the city chaoticness. It is in perfect range from a hospital and shopping malls delivering all the essentials.

One of the main purposes of Baansuwanburi is to create an aesthetic and comfortable atmosphere for the guest. We have done that by making use of the beauty of the Thai style traditional terrace and the mind-blowing garden around it. The garden is designed by the owner himself given that his career is creating and organizing gardens. The garden is especially designed to be forest-like giving the guests a comfortable shade of green. On top of that the residence also has its own pond which gives the guest a warm welcome right at the entrance. This homestay has many facilities and the perfect staff to run them which includes a pool and a hot tub to relax the guest even more. The second floor terrace is where all the guests will be accommodated. The floor is divided stand-alone rooms like a mini house giving full privacy to our  guests.


Baansuwanburi is a place where the owners have put their effort to create a Traditional Thai style of hospitality and experience to all the guests. At first the land where the residence is situated upon was nothing but a piece of farmland. But with the passion of the owner combing with the experience of landscape planning have created the magnificent terrace and  with his wife help they have planted many plants to be the base of the garden until of the plant grew and became a beautiful garden as today. The owners hope that this will give the guest a better understanding of the theme and the story behind Baansuwanburi. And we hope that this homestay will give you a memorable experience